Friday, December 13, 2013

TDRC Meeting Tomorrow (Saturday December 14th)

get the details and RSVP from Jeff,

Logging into the Branson Net - Mondays at 7p

Hey Gang,

Scott, KD5NJR, here with a quick ditty on how to connect to the roundtable / net / whatever on Monday Evenings at 7pm in Branson.  Once you're in the MOBRA PCL (CHAT) server, the commands remember, /? , are just like on AE5ME's CHAT server.  But getting connected over to Branson takes a couple extra steps I'll go over.

Numero Uno, you need to connect to Jeff.  If you're nearby, fine, give your TNC the c ae5me-15 command.

Now, if you're a little ways away and you can't connect reliably to Jeff direct, you can use the KW5M-7 or AE5ME-7 nodes (Oneta or Broken Arrow respectively). Tell your TNC c kw5m-7 or c ae5me-7 and when you get the node's command prompt, hop to Jeff's server with c ae5me-15 .  Now, instead of giving the CHAT or BBS command, we're going to do this one.


which will connect you to the node in Branson (through the Internet)

and once you see that you're connected to MOBRA, you give the PCL command to enter their chat room.

You'll see Connie and KO and the gang chatting away.

do a /users to see who's in.

do a /? to remember how to disconnect.

give your TNC the status  command to see if you're really disconnected from everyone.

Have fun,

Ask questions.