Monday, February 17, 2014

Branson Monday Night Net

Talk to Jeff about getting a name and password to hit the chat server remotely over the Internet . 

Those Branson guys are still at it Mondays at 7p....

Sunday, February 16, 2014

D-rats : paper trail

To provide an audit trail , d-rats can show you that a message was indeed sent . 

D-rats : file transfer

Besides the messaging capabilities , d-rats excels in file sharing . 

Here we see a programming experiment I'm working on AND the TDRC webpage being transmitted between two stations . 

D-rats : chat

The chat facility is simple but effective .
There is support for keyword filtering , automatic ( timer ) transmissions and canned phrases.

Drats : runs on the Pi or on Windows

D-rats has a modern interface for sending messages to dstar , TNC , Internet , Internet email and winlink users. 

It can be set up to route Internet emails through just one particular station with Internet access making the rest of the path rely on ham radio as possible .

It's come a long ways from the "dumb terminals" and  emulators that confused folks previously . 

RPi : X11vnc and tightVNCviewer

There isn't a need to sit in the garage . 

Anything I can do at the mouse , keyboard and TV in the garage I can do also from the laptop. 

This is possible thanks to the LAN port and / or the cheap USB wifi modules out there. 

Garage shack / packet station

Needs to be re-sorted after used as a waypoint in carrying Christmas decorations up into attic and cleaning out cars, but here is a packet station in the garage consisting of TV
raspberry Pi
TNC  and a transceiver .

If the missus doesn't care for radios in the house , put 'em in the garage . 

Raspberry Pi

Laptop indoors logged into Raspberry Pi.

A nice way to move the guts of a ham shack out doors  .

And they're reasonably priced .