Friday, January 8, 2016

Interesting thoughts about BPQ32 "RF" style

Richard, Hello.

I must say, I can’t tell you how many times this subject has come up in a few
discussions of mine – usually met with a small measure of disdain <GRIN>
in times past.

I am working with a couple of stations involving Winmor P-P RF ONLY with
BPQ32 as forwarding support for stations who can’t hear each other.
Well, that’s the idea anyway.

The Winmor P-P project works fine although it’s somewhat fragile since
there are just a few stations who are “testing the waters” with Peer-Peer.

Anyway, I dropped all vestiges of AXIP and reliance upon Winlink for this
little project. The idea was to see if an RF ONLY network could be put
together. Personally, I think it should but that’s me <GRIN>. The thinking is
to rely upon the Internet and Winlink on an as needed basis, maybe a last

It has become my own opinion that BPQ32 use has relied way too much on
the Internet – speaking to AXIP and message forwarding, etc. There should
be more focus on RF IMHO. Of course, I’m carrying lots of legacy thinking,
some 60 years worth as a Ham.

Winmor is the vehicle of choice because there is NO Packet activity here
in Wayne County, IN. Well, there’s no digital activity at all to quite honest
about it. However, I threw out the teaser about Winmor use and Bruce
ran with it several months and several hundred messages ago.

I copied Jerry N9LYA here for info because he has expressed interest in
such activity. Bruce KB5ROZ is EC down in Columbia County, AR. He’s
been working with me to gain interest in Winmor Peer-Peer activity.

My BPQ32 gateway is on 7060.000 DIAL for Winlink and runs concurrently
on 7080.000 DIAL for stations involved with Winmor Peer-Peer. Some
other stations are setting up BPQ32 for this also in MO, PA and such.

Anyway, was surprised to see your comment. Just thought I’d reply back
and throw in my devalued $ .02 worth. I thought off line might be a better

In fact, just to clarify, it is THIS type of message that would have been sent
RF ONLY rather than in response to your email. More than once, I’ve put
an email onto BPQ32/Thunderbird and sent a reply to someone. Just
for grins. There’s an untold amount of message traffic on the forum that
could be sent RF only if such a network had been maintained. IT would
be a great way to eliminate pesky Bulletins with REAL message traffic.

Howard W6IDS
Richmond, IN

Sent: Wednesday, January 6, 2016 11:37 AM
Subject: [BPQ32] Re: re new user ? JIEBBS

not to steal from Charles' thunder.. but perhaps two networks? one Internet only and another RF only? 

of course anyone can configure their station as they please, but I would think the recent rash of unknown callsigns accessing BPQ BBS's would be a wake up call. and from the BBS one only needs to give the NODE command and have access to the RF ports of that station.

maybe another thread should be started to kick around some ideas for an RF only BPQ network?

Richard ke7xo 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Statewide APRS Net Saturday, January 9th at 1 PM!

Our first monthly Oklahoma State APRS Net of 2016  will be on Saturday, January 9th starting at 1 PM.  Even if you don't have a TNC, check out the soundcard modem UZ7HO at

You can also check in if you have an APRS ready rig like the Kenwood TH-D72 or the Yaesu FTM-100DR, as they support messaging.