Sunday, September 27, 2015

FLMSG forms in HTML -- how to

KA1VGM, Larry Levesque has become the FLMSG forms guru.  Watch his play list of how-to videos at


Since we have been enjoying the newest mode to FLDIGI, FSQ, here is some information from the author himself:

Sunday, September 13, 2015

New mode for FLDIGI -- IFKP

Thu Sep 10, 2015 7:29 am (PDT) . Posted by: 

"w1hkj" w1hkj

* fldigi-3.22.14beta.tar.gz
* fldigi-3.22.14beta_i386.dmg
* fldigi-3.22.14beta_ppc.dmg
* fldigi-3.22.14beta_setup.exe

Many changes including a new modem type, IFKP. Please use this help
version with the 3.22.14 beta release.

* IFKP help:

I suggest using these calling frequencies when testing IFKP

* 30 meters, 10.143, +1500 Hz on waterfall
* 20 meters, 14.068, + 1500 Hz on waterfall

Change Log from 3.22.13:

Version 3.22.14 beta

ifkp modem
* Incremental Frequency Keyed + modem
- wide band, moderate speed differential MFSK signal
with offset +1.
- sample rate 16000
- symbol length 4096
- 33 tones spaced 3xSR/symlen apart approximately 398 Hz
- multiple image transfer formats similar to FSQ
. Avatar (57x74 WxH pixel) image transfers
- tunable modem subcarrier (center freq)
. may be configured fixed at 1500 Hz or
. set to Psk sweet spot
- raw data received written to audit log - if enabled
- heard list entries written to heard log - if enbled

* Added @WAIT macro
* Added disable macro timer when changing modems

WEFAX hang on INFO
* WEFAX rx becomes unresponsive when writing to INFO log

MXE update
* code changes for update to mxe suite (Windows build)

QSO rec
* Changed qsorec data store to an arrary of string pointers
vice an array of strings.
- new mxe implementation string handler changes from standard
gnu string template

MS Read logbook
* change to "rb" for correct reading of logbook file
- do not allow M$ to make changes to CR/LF counts

Nu opBW combos

LSB modes
* Add recognition of flrig LSB modes
- adjust waterfall for LSB
- correct logging frequency for LSB

Doxygen help
* Update to doxgen to 1.8.10
- Corrected various doxygen parse errors

FSQ updates
* Fix copy all on heard list
* change default color scheme as requested by ZL1BPU
- added user configuration items for RX text colors
* remove "MONITOR" text from RX panel as requested by ZL1BPU
* added fsq tx text queue to handle case when user
tries to force a second transmit sequence when modem
is already in TX state.
* last_command updated to include both queued and transmitted
text string.
- allows recall of queued command even if transmit timed out
* last_command changed to a stack of commands
- allows recall of up to last 10 commands
- each press of F2 recalls one deeper in stack
- rotates back to beginning after recall of most ancient
* add call to logbook using right click on heard entry
* Fix erroneous date in audit log when fsq is default
modem during program start
- change format of date entry to make it easier to
find when reviewing the log.
* Added video text at beginning of transmit
- also adds ability to transmit pretone
for amplifier carrier detect
for FM repeater operation
* Add code to force center frequency to 1500
when switching from another modem
* Fix to avoid time out errors

73, Dave, W1HKJ

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Statewide APRS Net September 12th at 1 PM

Just a quick reminder that the next statewide APRS net is coming up at 1 PM on September 12th.  Hope you can make it!