Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Comparison of the FT-817ND to the Elecraft KX-3

I am a proud owner of an FT-817 since Green County Hamfest.  Also considering the new KX-2 that Elecraft introduced at Dayton Hamvention.  The cousin to the KX-2 is the KX-3, which has been out for a while.

M0JCQ put out an excellent comparison article between the FT-817ND and Elecraft KX-3.  Not to be a spoiler, but both have their advantages and disadvantages, depending upon what you are looking to do.

Check it out at http://www.hamblog.co.uk/yaesu-817nd-vs-elecraft-kx3-differences-for-portable-use/.


  1. That kx-2 is very sharp ! -- Scott

  2. Jeff , isn't your receive in the 817 pretty noisy ? I know mine can be . But that's a great reason to get outdoors -- Scott

    1. Yes, the FT-817 receive is easily overwhelmed, especially with adjacent signal noise. However, if you turn off the AGC and then use a good DSP filter, not too bad for reception. The key is turning off the AGC, otherwise it will start losing sensitivity quickly.